Undersea Warfare & Secret UFO War

Undersea Warfare & Secret UFO War

Undersea Warfare & Secret UFO War Must See Evidence Of UFOs Researcher Timothy Good joined George Knapp in a discussion on the historical evidence and documentation for UFOs Good put forth the contention that the military has been involved in a secretive war with UFOs, and has been attempting to shoot them down for decades He cited aroundtheworld plane wrecks, both military and civilian, that took place in 1947, and 1700 unexplained accidents involving interceptor aircraft between 1952 and 1956 He believes the conflict continues to this day Good also spoke about the July 1952 Washington, DC UFO overflights There were a number of sightings over that summer which included a large cigarshaped craft, and a hovering object observed by around 500 witnesses that came down so low in the sky that it was said to obscure downtown buildings He also reported that according to Major Donald Keyhoe, giant craft were observed orbiting Earth at around 79000 ft during this timeframe John Le ar Update Appearing during the first hour, John Lear reported on the Naval Undersea Warfare Ctr in Hawthorne, Nevada Though the site is more than 200 miles from the Pacific Ocean, he suggested that the Navy is accessing the ocean from there via an underground elevator, and submarines are able to travel there He also spoke about a vast underground train and tunnel system used by the military <b></b>

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